PDF | Scandals are often the " tip of the iceberg ". Download full-text PDF. PP. 25 – 47 India to tighten the CG norms to prevent recurrence of similar frauds. The fraud committed by the founders of Satyam in , is a Keywords: Corporate Accounting Frauds; Satyam Computers; Case Study; India;. The scam has stunned corporate India, and damaged its reputation with its investors. Amongst the various corporate scams in India, the Satyam scam is still considered to be the centrepiece of biggest corporate .. Download pdf. × Close.

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From Enron, WorldCom and Satyam, it appears that corporate accounting fraud is a major problem that is increasing both There are laws to safeguards investors interest but the Satyam scam has raised the question on the .. Download pdf. Keywords: Fraudulent financial reporting practices; Satyam computer; modus- operandi; . tory reforms undertaken following Satyam scam. Rajshree S, Shivani G & Bhupendra K SATYAM Computer scam – Pre and submit paper: [email protected] download full paper:

Case Study of Satyam Scam

Srisailam and V. Suryanarayana Prabhakar Gupta. Now, we shall discuss the important regulatory bodies involved in investigating this case.

This single body performs three functions: Quasi-legislative: Rules and regulations are drafted, Quasi-judicial: It gives orders and passes its rulings. Quasi-executive: Investigation is done and enforces the orders. Although this kind of composition of this body makes it very powerful, its orders are checked by a higher authority, SAT Securities Appellate Tribunal , the appellate body.

The Satyam scandal: How India’s biggest corporate fraud unfolded

Following the Satyam scam, SEBI has turned instrumental and has started taking immediate and much effective actions. They also inspected the available books of account and pertained to the financial statements of Satyam. He went ahead to download Maytas Infrastructure and Maytas Properties in order to end the gap and show a real profit of the company or else the company might die.

His target was to wipe out the fictitious profits by doing a real deal in which he ultimately failed and subsequently he wrote the letter.

SEBI met with the government appointed Board Of Directors, accountants, bankers, government officials and lawyers in order to come up with a plan immediately. SEBI has geared up and pulled up its socks after this scam and has enhanced its working. There will be quite a few things we will learn from this incident and we will take steps for necessary changes accordingly. The Securities and Exchange Board of India SEBI approved to Satyam Computer Services for choosing a strategic investor to acquire 51 percent of stake in the embattled company through a global competitive bidding process which led to the downloading of Satyam Computer services by Tech Mahindra.

Its main function looks after the appeals in reference to the orders by the SEBI or any adjudicating officer under the SEBI Act and to exercise jurisdiction, powers, and authority conferred on the Tribunal by or under this Act or any other law for the time being in force[ix] PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational professional services network headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

It is the second largest professional services firm in the world. It deals with the auditing work of huge organizations and is the most reliable option.

It has imposed a ban on all the firms in the PwC network from auditing listed companies and intermediaries brokers [x]for a period of two years held guilty under the Satyam scam. PwC was appointed as the auditor of Satyam between PwC showed a complete negligence and carelessness while performing its practice of auditing.

According to SEBI, PwC showed a total disregard of stipulated auditing practice which indicated their complicity in the manipulation. Satyam today is a cautionary tale to companies, auditors and authorities, but has it really improved India's corporate governance standards?

Are corporate financial disclosure rules that determine what a company must tell investors about its operations and results robust? To be sure, companies and auditors have put in greater checks to prevent fraud. Nitin Bhatt, National Leader, Risk Advisory services, EY, says there is now greater awareness and respect for the various facets of corporate risk among companies and boards.

Boards have also started linking the compensation and incentives of top executives to how well they manage mission-critical exposures. Boards must have at least one woman director.

See a Problem?

Audit firms now have to be rotated every 10 years beginning April Auditors have come under intense scrutiny - they have to see to it that every internal financial control IFC prescribed under the Companies Act is followed by a company, among other things. But are these enough? Remember even before Satyam, India's financial reporting standards were robust. The rub was weak enforcement and plenty of loopholes in the system.

Despite Satyam, companies are more concerned with just ticking the boxes, according to a number of captains of industry, auditors and industry analysts whom ET interviewed for this article. India has a long way to go to match the corporate governance standards of evolved markets, they say.

Independent directors are only independent on paper. Directors are picked from an "old boy's network" - they are people close to a promoter or from a familiar circle. By defining the responsibility of the independent director, the Companies Act lays out the ramifications if the role is not taken seriously.

It is also thanks to stern rules that many professionals are turning to consultancies for advice and training before taking up the role of independent directors.

Many firms are even drawing up new contracts which define the exact time the director needs to spend. The Satyam scandal also effected sweeping changes in auditing practices. In the case of Satyam, four auditors who were then working with Price Waterhouse PW , part of PwC India, were convicted along with Raju they are all currently out on bail. Auditors are increasingly dropping companies as clients when they discover dirt.

Many auditors are also using algorithms to help discover "unusual patterns" in the books. That's not all. In the Satyam scandal, auditors relied on bank statements worth Rs 3, crore provided by the company. It turned out be fabricated. Under the new rules, auditors are required to check the authenticity of bank statements.Indian companies are roping in specialists to manage their whistle-blowing mechanisms. The Citibank where Satyam maintained its bank accounts were frozen. The move aims to give the group more time to mull options beyond just a possible share downloadback.

The promoter was arrested but no independent director faces charges. True, there has been no scandal like Satyam.

Today, promoters who pledge shares must disclose it to Sebi. Raju confessed to fraud in the form of misappropriation in the balance sheet of the company.

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