Row houses: a housing typology. [Günter Pfeifer, (architecte); Per Brauneck] -- To ill., plans, fichiers PDF. Contents: Cybernetics: Integration of type and topos . The freestanding house represents the last in the series of volumes on housing typologies – after courtyard houses, row houses and town houses – and is also. 13 Housing Typology Row Town 02 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Longitudinal staircase Since the floor plan of the row house type is usually.

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For this typology of residential buildings, the authors have developed systematic types of row house, a particularly widespread form of residential structure. Row Houses. A Housing Typology. Authors. Günter Pfeifer; Per Search within book. Front Matter. Pages PDF · Cybernetics: Integration of type and topos. [DOWNLOAD Free] Row Houses A Housing Typology Ebooks [Read Online] at Free Download Books Row Houses A Housing Typology Ebooks.

At the front end of the building the staircase continues up to the second floor comprising also a large roof terrace.

The circulation route in this small house provides an exciting path to ever-lighter spaces. Further more, the positioning of the hallway on the first floor alongside the party wall offers many possibilities to link to parts of adjoining units.

The room facing the street could serve as a studio, office or parking space.

Atelier04/studio04 Hand-out term 2

The weak point of this type is the provision of only one bathroom located on the ground floor, which limits the houses functionality to a certain degree.

The entrance to the room is located on its rear side and accessed via a spiral stair; when opening the door closing off the hallway, views through the glazed patio into the light in the living area are offered.

This dramaturgy entails long circulation paths on the ground floor, which is designed as an open passage with a parking option and a small personal room. A second personal room is located on the top floor.

Allocated to it is a separate bathroom receiving no daylight.


The generously dimensioned roof terrace offers a secluded open space, compensating the constriction on the ground floor. The economical arrangement of building services and the organisation of the circulation space on the upper floors should be noted.

The open room concept allows for a flexible use. Due to the long transition zone on the ground floor, this house type can extend right to the street frontage.

A general discussion of the row as organizing As a practicing Freestanding Houses - De Gruyter ; For this typology of residential buildings, the authors have developed systematic A presentation of the freestanding house as an isolated element and as a Michael said: In a nutshell, this is a rigorous guidebook of row house types primarily ordered by stair and court Timber framing - Wikipedia ; Timber framing and "post-and-beam" construction are traditional methods of building with Aisled frames have one or more rows of interior posts.

The most ancient known half-timbered building is called the House of opus craticum.

This type of timber construction was used for various building types including Alinea Editrice, Secondly, the plan-types and dating of medieval dwellings are discussed. Types of houses in England cglearn.

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Architects in the past few centuries This is a Row Houses - degruyter. Each individual volume lays out the possibilities for using and transforming a particular form of residential structure.

A deeper understanding of the underlying types is indispensable for the In a nutshell, this is a rigorous guidebook of row house types primarily ordered by stair and courtyard configurations as only a German University research team could provide.The stepped arrangement of such openings ensures that the spaces within receive adequate illumination and affords internal views through the structure.

The second ring houses all functional spaces and services such as the entrance hallways, storage spaces, toilets and bathrooms. Routledge 3 see Riley, Terence; Reed, Peter: The apartments extend the entire depth of the building and, in addition to a spacious living and dining area, contain four individual bedrooms which are offset via a split-level arrangement by half a storey.

Sara Darie. The arrangement of the three towers means that they will partly shade one another. William Hurtado Casaverde.

The basic principle involves a series of transverse circulation axes with stairs arranged in opposite directions which intersect with a longitudinal infrastructure axis. The name field is required.

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