Hundreds of versions in + different languages - the Bible that goes with you anywhere. Download the Free Bible App. The Bible in Tshivenḓa - Venda. People viewing your Event can tap your reference to see it in their Bible App reader, where they can Bookmark it Tshivenḓa [Venda] za. Bible VEN98, BIVHILI KHETHWA Mafhungo Madifha (Venda) Bible VEN98, BIVHILI KHETHWA Mafhungo Madifha (Venda), no Internet connection required.

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Holy Bible VEN98, BIVHILI KHETHWA Mafhungo Madifha (Venda) The word of God in your hands, without the need of an Internet connection. Bible VEN meaning is 'created' by decoding the source text on several levels (for in. Report, “Venda Bible said to give Church power to conquer country for Christ. Details. BIBLE VENDA STD BLACK H/C Complete Bible, Old Translation, standard size, black hard cover. Features: contents page and colour- coded.

Now I am going to read it again and again and again, in light of new revelation! Praise the Lord, it is a glorious translation that I share often with family and friends!

I was taken aback as to why it happened. There is an awakening happening in my family and with my friends surrounding the passionate love and communion that the Father has for me and all the faces I see. Thank you brother. I never knew the good news was this good!

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What an amazing reality to live from Christ, from sonship, from perfection, from the opinion of Abba! Thank you for speaking up. Very good stuff.

I have been increasingly disconnected with the church over the past few years and have found many translations of the Bible to contradict themselves throughout. We live in Johnson City NY. At that time we were associated with a group here in the Binghamton area. It transformed us.

I quickly devoured your Mirror translation and have read several of your books. This message is revolutionizing my life. I feel a freedom that I have never felt. I have realised so many deeper meanings from them.

Be blessed! Loving every moment of life in Him!

Francois, words cannot express the shift in our lives since the Mirror Trans. Thank you for both of you coming to the States. Always soooo enjoy your emails. I have always taught from and used for study as many varied translations as I possibly could. About a year ago, a friend who knew of my love for unique translations told me about your site and the Mirror Translation.

I love the Mirror translation. Your interpretation is thus far the most eloquent and descriptively beautiful of which I have the pleasure to experience. I now use it to teach a small group of new and long time Christians. Collins, CO. During the last message that I had watched, he made reference to the Mirror Bible.

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I come from a catholic background so my theology and understanding of the word was pretty weak when I first got nailed my initial Continue Reading Edward Student November 12, David USA I am a former missionary who became a schoolteacher after becoming frustrated with the business of religion.

I have been searching for years to find the free and liberating truth of the real gospel. I became insatiable in studying and researching the truth that would make me free from mysticism and other mind manipulation tools, but I Continue Reading Colleen USA November 12, Gavin UK I love the Mirror translation, I am pastoring my first church and preaching the finished work of the cross.

I received it through revelation, and it greatly challenged the Pentecostal church I was in. My life has been completely changed since me and my husband David heard the simple message of grace and finished work of Jesus on the cross.

One of the missing ingredients of my 35yrs of being a Christian, has been that of our true identity revealed to us. We are so happy.

Anita just told me, that she want to live in this way, in this new found Life. I sharing what I have at our house fellowship and in a little Continue Reading Jozsef Hungary November 12, Jan Australia I am a young 62 yr old woman who has known about God since infancy—a God whom I sought to please.

I knew He had sent Jesus and that He loved me, even though I was a poor sinful being, which we confessed every Sunday. At age 25 I had Continue Reading Jan Australia November 12, Shepherd Namibia This Translation is possibly the best thing to happen to the world masses since the Gutenburg print gave us the first public Bibles, and we want to have it in every living language!

It gives even the casual reader such great and perfect insight into the context of every scripture. Continue Reading Shepherd Namibia November 12, Jonas Zimbabwe How wonderful and amazing your daily devotionals are motivating and inspiring me. God is indeed using you as an instrument to reveal His word to His children. Hope you and Lydia are well and healthy. We are with you in prayer that the event be a success in Christ Jesus. I was personally touched and encouraged at the conference for the few days l was there.

The book Divine Embrace is really good. The reports you are getting are genuine. Tshilalelo tshikhethwa. Luswazi no p i. Sankambe no pi torture -shengedza.

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Sonja Moran. Lingling NG. Hafiz Ahmed. Nena Popovic. Amarpreet Kaur. More From Francisco Jose.

Francisco Jose. Thierry Tecourt. Jonah Galarza. Masomo ya Kiswahili. Kitabu cha wanafunzi 1B. Pupils' book 1B. Kokubo Neida. Volume 6. Wilfred H.

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Alex Pieces. Amit Nepal. Indra Mahardika. Vivek Mishra. Carlos Ilich Pingo Bayona. Learn Prolog Now! Jacob Steinberg. Banyak Film. Paula Gomes. RomNick Sadumiano. Rakesh Kumar. Richard Robinson.God is indeed using you as an instrument to reveal His word to His children.

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By now, you should have become familiar with the first most used There are only a few tone patterns in Venda words no tone, a single high tone on some syllable, God bless you. Alex Pieces. Because such tone changes are subject to complicated tone rules, it is not necessary to include it in a practical work like this one. Includes the 37 male studied above Home Northern Sotho to English Sepedi. Chapter 2 looks at the history and socio-economic backgrowtd of the Vhavenda. Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania for printing, translation into other leading

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