This transcription is for educational purposes only and matches a DVD available from Hudson Music, by Thomas Lang, called Creative Control. THOMAS LANG: CREATIVE COORDINATION & ADVANCED FOOT TECHNIQUE 9. */%6$5*0/. The exercises and songs in this book are transcribed from. Thomas Lang presents the unique and innovative system that he has used to In addition, Creative Control includes printable PDF files of transcriptions of.

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Download Thomas Lang Creative Coordination and Advanced Foot Technique dvd booklet for free without registration. Thomas Lang-creative Control - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. by Thomas Lang, called Creative Coordination & Advanced Foot Technique. Please refer to the poster or the individual pdf files for each dimension for.

I certainly left that building a huge Lang fan. While I considered most his playing a little too mechanical for my ears on video or record, watching him live is a completely different story. His controlled power and ability just made the room explode.

I have never seen anything like it, he is amazing in the truest sense of the word. I couldn't justify his playing here, I can only urge you to go along to see one of his clinics. Overall, it was one of the best I have ever been to, down to his amazing display of independence Definitely not human , technique, speed, power and great character when it came to teaching. I only watched his video so far, I liked it it was pretty cool.

I love the term cyborg, fits him perfectly. He is certainly one of the best!

Please put some pictures up, I'd love to see them Z djp , PM I saw him awhile ago a little after his first DVD came out, and you're right, there's a HUGE difference between what you see on the tv screen, and what you experience live. My ex-fiance be strong-not gonna cry and I got there early and got a seat about 10 feet from the kit.

Creative Control

The crowd was small, I'd guess about 50 people, so there was more intimacy in the relationship between performer and audience laugh at that if you want but you know what I mean. After the clinic he hung out with everyone, signed autographs, took pictures, all the usual stuff. Even took a few minutes to talk to me about the business.

I got a pic, its on my wishlist page. All in all, very good show, great performer.

Can't wait for the next DVD. So they'll be from my friends 2mp phone camera.

I believe he did signing after the show, but i'd rather not wait that long for just a signature. Rather meet him in a less crowded environment.

Shinx , PM Thats awesome, I'd love to see him live. He is literaly amazing at times, just unbelievable somedrummer , PM Sounds like a great experience. Lang is not only a monster player, but a monster of a guy, too.

He's HUGE!

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That guy has the most important charasteristic of a musician I know his a monster player, I love his technique and the way he explains stuff. Drumsword , AM I saw him 2 years ago in Maine.

I was blown away with his playing about 2 minutes into the clinic. And after listening to him explain his technique and watch him tackle multiple time signatures at once, My Brain ached.

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The guy was amazing, and humble too. Lang's was the only drum DVD that my fiance would gladly watch with me. I would be drooling at the drumming and she would be drooling at his arms.

As a result we watched that DVD quite a bit. Audio files and DVD-rom features: Separate audio files, in both ACID PC and REX Mac formats, will allow you to loop any of the exercises or performances and even change tempo without affecting the pitch, making it easy to absorb and master each example!

English, German Year: USA Running time: DVD5 Video: Dolby Digital 2.

Hey nice work, I was wondering if someone or the adminastrador could please send de pdf and mp3 files please. Neil Peart Natomy of a Drum Solo Ray Luzier Thomas Lang - Creative Control. It also had a Chi- nese tom tom and one little cymbal with some rivets in it.

Thomas Lang-creative Control

And I would Creative music performance and the Western kit drummer ; Dec 1, Todd SuchermanFlag for Advanced technique for hands and feet Applied rudiments and orchestration Dynamic foot contro Sticktricks and showmanship Ergonomic mechanics on the drumkit Advanced interdependence and coordination Multi-pedal orchestrations Creative and pad practice Twin effect pedal playing and practice method Contemporary groove conceptsThe entire DVD is translated into German, in the form of a voiceover by Thomas, and can be accessed as an option from the DVD menus as Audio Track 2.

The vast majority of this DVD set is Thomas going through different patterns and moving them around the drum-set.

The usual cropped up, he talked about his influences, and then of course the immortal question, 'Mr Lang.. Can't wait for the next DVD.


Separate audio files, in both ACID PC and REX Mac formats, will allow you to loop any of the exercises or performances and even change tempo without affecting the pitch, making it easy to absorb and master each example!

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