Скачать / Download: Objective PET. Student's Book. Workbook. Resources for Teachers. Hashemi L., Thomas B. (, 2nd.) (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3). Cambridge English Objective PET Second Edition Student s Book With Key PDF PDF - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Objective KET offers students complete preparation for the Cambridge Key. 5 UNIVERSITYofCAMBRIDGE * ESOL Examinations "i KET Wendy Sharp Student’s Book Official preparation material for Cambridge English: Key, also known as Key English Test (KET) Exam folder 1 Unit 14 Books.

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Practice test - Objective PET - Cambridge University Press. Cambridge English Advanced 1 for Revised Exam from Student's Book Pack (Student's Book Bài kiểm tra thực hành KET: Cuốn sách 6 câu trả lời của Cambridge English. [IMG] DVD eBook Cambridge Objective PET Books Student's Book + Workbook + Teacher's Book + Audio CDs 17 Files | MB. [IMG] DVD eBook Cambridge Objective KET Books Student's Book + Teacher's Book + Workbook + Audio CDs 12 Files | MB.

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Solutions Advanced Student’s Book 2nd

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Many people clothes and ate good food. Later, they in Kinsai and they sold believed him. Marco died everything people wanted. If is no information, say'. S Marco liked Kublai Khan very much.

Marco travelled all over the Mediterranean. Where did you go? Cirde the correct answer. No they didn't. Say if each sentence is true for you and give some extra information. My friends like the same things as I do. No, not true. My friends are all very different. Some of my other friends like skateboarding and one prefers to play on his computer.

I I had a great party for my birthday. I like horses, cows, dogs and cats. We swam, played volleyball and ate ice cream. We normally just use a comma. Pietro likes bears, dolphins and dogs. B because C or Their, there and they're all sound the same but are spelled differently. I take them for the sentences a walk in the park every day. They love it There is The first person says: He also helps with the monkeys sometimes. He needed to learn about animals.

He never rides them. Sometimes they like to lie in the sun. S Paul takes the elephants to the lake. The elephants like swimming there. Part 2 of the Reading and Writing paper tests vocabulary. There is an example and five multiple-choice questions The sentences are about a topic or story. You must choose the word which best fits in the space.

Here are some examples of the types of word which are tested. This will tell you what the topic is. Together they make a short story.

There is an example of the answer sheet for Part 2 above. Part 2 Questions Read the sentences about visiting a farm. Choose the best word A, B or C for each space. For questions , mark A, B or C on your answer sheet. A want B enjoy C agree Answer: A asked B said C talked 7 They left home A well B early C ever 8 They A got B came C arrived 9 Rebecca and Tom are always Decide which one you'd to go to.

B asks A about Alien Adventure. When I open? Student A: Alien Adventure. Student B: It first opened in You can get in more cheaply with a family ticket. I think the answer to question 1 will 1 I reached the pa rk I'm on the phone. S She read the letter again Conversation 1 a OK. No problem. It's Paula here. Is Serena in? AU c No, she's out shopping. Can I take a message?

AU the words contain h Hello? I'd like to book tickets for the film tonight, please. How many would you like? Across i Yes, no problem. Thank you. Can I help you? There are six spelling mistakes. Can you find them and correct them? In Part 4 there are always two speakers.

Part 5 always has only one speaker. In both Part 4 and Part 5 there are five questions and and an example question. You must write down the word, letters or numbers that you hear. Your partner down you say. Spell out words if necessa. Make sure you answer the question. Check your spelling. Words that are spelled on the recording and words which are used quite often, for example, red or bus, must be spelled correctly.

Below are examples of the answer sheet for Parts 4 and 5. Talk about it, using sentences like these. I like it because On the front, it's got a picture of.. I bought it in The message says Decide if these sentences are right or Don't look at the text yet. But it was Hollywood Later, the T-shirt became a way of films that made the T-shirt really popular: In the s, French fashion Women didn't begin to wear T-shirts designer Yves Saint Laurent designed until the end of the s.

In the a famous blue T-shirt with his name in French film A bout de souffle Breathless , white letters. And T-shirt advertising an English language in , a limited number of white newspaper. T-shirts but in a film. Why afe two look really nice. He was loolcing at some Jeans. He wasn't wearing a coat.

My friend We both leave throw lend win This pair has got two pockets. The material looks quite light. I trousers i.. You must fill each space with one word.

There is an example at the beginning. The text is usually a letter or a postcard. I are some of the kinds of words that are tested in Part 7. Can you other words to set? Look at the words before and after the space to help you.

Read circle correct words. Hi Jo. Z-iflg Gi-tlj soon. I -t-he hotel. Love IClnlJ:: Write ONE word for each space. For questions , write the words on your answer sheet. Dear Maria, I went Let Then I decided to look in the market I saw a beautiful leather belt and You know I like T-shirts very Well, I found a great one yesterday. The picture This is now What clothes have you bought? S Which scene in the film do you like most?

S When he was in New York, Roberto could choose to see a different movie every night. Tick the correct sentence. Say what you think 1 A I bought a green trousers yesterday.

B We had to wait half an hour to go on our favourite ride. B The band's new singer sings very best. S Students can get into e The band's new singer sings very good. Joek WAS R r. Use each adjective once only. E- plo. UIlIi'f'S Tell your partner. Take turns to ask and answer questions. Look at picture I. Match the people to the places and the type of What's she going to do? The first one been done you.

She's going to catch a plane. I'm going to do some walking in Switzerland. J9sJanspacecraft in L. Space will soon be a popular place to go on holiday. The hotel won't wash the towels and sheets. One Japanese company is getting ready. It will look like a bicycle wheel and have The company chairman says he thinks that a hotel for people and a theme park. It will travel round flying to.

The company hopes the than flyzng from Hong Kong to Singapore. The company chairman says he thinks that flying to the centre will probably be quicker than flying from Hong Kong to Singapore. When they are on board the centre, tourists will take short trips to the moon or go for walks in space. But what about the cost? An American hotel group is also thinking of building a hotel, called the lunar Hotel.

This will be on the moon. Most of the hotel will be under the ground so it won't become too hot or too cold. The rooms will look just like they do on Earth with curtains, carpets, plants and they will have wall-to-wall television. The guests will eat normal food for lunch. The cooks will Just push a button to mix dried food with water to become an instant meal! There will be little or no dirt and there won't be much water, so the hotel won't wash the towels and sheets - it will throw them away!

There are two parts to the Speaking test. Part 1 lasts for minutes and Part 2 lasts for minutes. You do the Speaking test with another student. There are two examiners - one who asks questions and one who listens. Could you repeat the question, please? It's what you say that is important.

Part 1 2 Ask and answer these questions. What's your name? The first time, listen to get a general idea of Where study? Then listen again and complete this chart.

Favourite sUbject s: Countries visited: S His wife is in the kitchen. What's it like? You can use some the ideas below. It's painted pink. You usually find a desk in a teenager's bedroom. A short B narrow C single 2 The Hat is What's the vase made of?

It's made of glass. A hard B long C wide B: What are the curtains made of? They're made of cotton. CD player in my bedroom. A double B expensive C soft.. We can say: Barcelona Frank Gehry Or we can say: Pronunciation This sentence is passive and the Eiffel Tower is 2 Write dates as now the subject of the sentence. We use by to say who did the action. You must find the answer in the text.

See opposite for an example. Part 4 Questions Read the article about a visit to Hearst Castle, a famous building in California. Are the sentences 'Right' A or 'Wrong' B?

Hearst Castle was built by William Randolph Hearst between and , at a cost of more than.

I spent all day looking around, but it wasn't enough. There was so much to see. Hearst Castle is really four houses. The main house, 'Casa Grande', is much bigger than the other three, which were used for guests. Many of these were Hollywood film stars, and they often came to Hearst's parties.

I found the tour very helpful. The guide told me that At Hearst Castle, there are 56 bedrooms, 61 bathrooms Hearst, at the age of ten, toured Europe vdth his and 19 sitting rooms. There are also beautiful gardens, mother, looking at paintings and castles. He never a garage for 25 large cars and two swimming pools, one forgot this tour and decided that he wanted his house inside and a larger one outside.

I loved the one outside, to look like a castle. It is now a museum. He played in the World Read questions carefully. Then decide answer Michael gives to each question: YeslNo questions Can you explain? Does Giufio play basketball? Wh- questions What happened?

What is the subject of the sentence. Who scored the most baskets? Who is the subject oHhe sentence. What do you know about Michael Owen? What is the object oHhe sentence. Compare your questions with a partner.

Student A ask questions. Student B turn to page and answer questions. Write the -ing of these verbs. Look back at Spelling spot on page if necessary. Do you want to come? Don't you ever 6 If we start It's sllrepingin a maths good to do exciting take us an hour to get home. Why SQmetnfng rie;W? Qtt, in front oHlle TV? You can add really to make the sentence stronger. I really enjoy exercising at the gym!

Opening hours: Swimming pool: The letter u always follows q, need to ask to find out the as in queen. S Spell the words that have these meanings. You must write about three different things. Either there will be instructions giving you the three things see Writing folder 5 on page , or this information will be in a message from a friend, like the task on this page.

You must write between 25 and 35 words. If you write fewer than 25 words, you will get a lower mark. You will also get a lower mark if you forget to sign your note or postcard. It is possible to get up to five marks for Part 9. Here is an example of the answer sheet for Part 9. Yoo can dnve. Love 3 4 i1ello: I'm going to visit your town next month, so I have some questions for you.

What's the swimming pool like? How do I get there from the town centre? When's the best time to go? Thanks for your help! Write Alex a postcard. Answer the questions. Love, Write words. Alex Write the postcard on your answer sheet. A B Hi Alex Pea. G-razid The weder's rea. Love JLl. Cln 5 IS 6 sentences 1,2 1 What's the swimming pool like? A You can take a taxi from the main square. BIt's 25 metres long and it's very wide. C I'd walk - it's only fifteen minutes away.

D I think you should get there around five. E The building's made of glass and everything's very new. F You'll love going down the slides! G If you go in the afternoon, I can come with you. H Get a bike when you arrive, then you can cycle there in five minutes. I can take you in my car. Compare the information.

Sort the letters below Use possessive forms. Your father is called Their names are Paul's father is called His brothers are older than mine. Which brother is he dose to? Which words teU you this? Who does he on well with? Vocabulary Writing 4 Complete each in this text about 7 Correct the punctuation in these emails. The first the say which email answers each question number of letters is given. One question does not match any of the emails. A empty B free C ready 1 How big is your bedroom?

B 2 Where do you think you'll go? A walking B cycling C driving 5 When are you going to have a holiday? A luggage B suitcase C bags 8 Would you like to come on our boat next 5 We'll A look B find C arrive 10 Will you need any special clothes?

I think that Cairo is very hot in summer and dry in winter. People in parts of the USA have a special 'safe' room to go to, usually under the ground. It only gets 15 mm of rain a year.

Be careful with the of too and two. Tokyo last year for Choose the best word, A, B or for each space. I made some sushi and invited Warren travels allover North America to find In winter I like being inside where it is warm tornadoes and other storms. He says he enjoys He believes it is He helped on the film Twister, which was season and also say why you don't like about tornadoes.

He says his job Write down both words or letters next to the number if you aren't sure. Opposite is an example of the answer sheet for Part 2. Part 2 Questions Listen to Penny talking to her cousin about the presents she bought on holiday for her friends.

Who got which present? For questions , write a letter A-H next to each person. You will hear the conversation twice. A Not at all. B Any time. C Yes, please. D Of course. B Sorry I can't.

I'm busy. You stood on my foot! C I'm afraid it's taken. E I'm so sorry! F Not at all. H Congratulations! How are you? J Nothing for me, thanks. Is that Sally speaking?

Part 3 is divided into two parts: Questions have five multiple-choice questions and one example. Questions are based on a conversation and contain five matching items and one example. You must choose your answer from eight possible answers. An example of the answer sheet for Part 3 is on the page opposite.

Part 3 Questions Complete the five conversations. B You're welcome. C Yes, can I pay for this here? A I agree. B Not yet! C Here it is! Jamie has also opened the restaurant Fifteen in London. The name doesn't describe where the restaurant is it's because 1 Match these to photos a-e. The colours show you the right part of the text. A the first staff there. B spend less time cooking.

B the opening hours. C do just what is doing now. B in cooking. C It is than it was. Pronunciation 5 questions Saturday job at 6 sentences from Bore. That's true. Well, any other questions? How aboutQJ ursday or Friday? B 9 am-7 pm. B cleaning the shop. Have you A near the university finished there?

B in the centre of town 4 Jenny, thanks for looking through myarticle. S Which day will Sam visit 6 My brother's just got a job in the north of Sweden. Write down as many different jobs as you can for each place. In Part 8 of the Reading and Writing paper you must copy information from two texts onto a form or a set of notes. There are five spaces to complete. The information will come from both texts. Opposite is an example of the answer sheet for Part 8. Part 8 Questions Read all the information about holiday jobs in Britain.

Fill in Laura's form. For questions , write the information on your answer sheet. Thanks for the job advert. I can begin on June If you are 18 or over, complete our form 23 too. Good luck. Laura Tournier Email address: If you put all the railways in the USA end to end, G mmar Modal verbs 2 they would go round the world six times. Which girl ry can choose what does? Most go 3 You mustn't go to Gate 43 board catch drive fly get get off later than six 0' clock.

314389900 Cambridge English Objective PET Second Edition Student s Book With Key PDF PDF

Spea Eng 1 3 1 You must ask another 1 Which train is leaving next? S You should try to relax! AD cD 4 How will the woman get to work today? AD cD 5 Where is the nearest petrol station?

AD CD Then ask your partner the questions. Try to give answers as long as number 8, or longer. In 0 lr. The sun Tick the Usually, it doesn't take It is B Foot passengers don't have to board the very hot and heavy rain At the North and South Poles, it is always cold and C Foot passengers mustn't board the ship there is ice They grow close to the ground because of the wind and complete 2A It's snowing too hard to cycle into town.

B It's snowing enough hard to cycle into town. C It's snowing very hard to cycle into town.

If a word is a noun and a verb, write it in both places. Then make sentences using different nouns and verbs. The artist Canaletto painted many pictures of Venice. Have you read I've just bought a new Coolclub, which only started a week A art B music C geography Inside, there are really great photos and A a pilot B a nurse C a tour guide There's going to be a competition 3 Who doesn't work outside?

I think I'll try A by ship B by taxi C by plane to write Perhaps I'll describe our journey Do A icy B cloudy C foggy you remember? You I've Write and tell me about the magazines A your hair B your teeth C your feet you enjoy reading.

OunpeJ Yoked was born in i and lived in t: Kyoto ir, Japan. Fifter Ounpei left! The Nintendo companywi::! Gurlpei worked in the gomes deportment of On his first doy there Gunpei hod the ideo for 0 new gome.

They sold 1. Gunpei He wanted to make! In Ounpel mode the first Gome Boy. I think people go to university What do you think of sentences from the recording. There wasn't enough time to see everything. I'm free next Saturday - that's 23rd April.

The exhibition's on until the 27th. Write the full version of the underlined contractions. C by bus. S Who is it?

C camera. Yes, she has. B have a hot meal. Listen to check your C get a snack. B 24th April. C 27th April. For questions , tick.

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D B Wednesday. D B New York. D e London. D 12 Lynne learnt how to use a computer A at home. D B at school. D C at university. D 13 Next year Lynne will get A four weeks' holiday. D B five weeks' holiday. D C six weeks' holiday.Relatively inert, rock-like being is the being of a part of what comes only in wholes--cosmos, plant, or animal. Do you want to go out? Love, Write words. They are: that the divine thinking is a direct thinking of all the animal and plant species, and that it is a thinking of the mathematical sources of things.

Match the parts in colour to pictures A, B or C. There are two speakers. Say if each sentence is true for you and give some extra information. Park open: What shoe size are you? We believe that amazing things can happen by just talking with the people next door.

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