broad definition of mathematics, it implies the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis (MUH) that our physical world is an abstract mathematical. Our mathematical universe: my quest for the ultimate nature of (http://arxiv. org/pdf/gr-qc/pdf) to manage to get it published in a. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | This is a discussion of some themes in Max Tegmark's recent book, Our Mathematical Universe. It was written as a review for Plus Magazine, the online.

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download Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality on onatnakchiter.tk ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. It's a truly remarkable fact that our deepest understanding of the material world is embodied in mathematics, often in concepts that were. Abstract: This is a discussion of some themes in Max Tegmark's recent book, Our Mathematical Universe. It was written as a review for Plus Magazine, the.

Our Mathematical Universe: My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality

This drastically shrinks the Level IV multiverse, essentially placing an upper limit on complexity, and may have the attractive side effect of explaining the relative simplicity of our universe.

Tegmark admits that this approach faces "serious challenges", including a it excludes much of the mathematical landscape; b the measure on the space of allowed theories may itself be uncomputable; and c "virtually all historically successful theories of physics violate the CUH". Observability[ edit ] Stoeger, Ellis, and Kircher [11] sec.

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This lack of any causal connection in such multiverses really places them beyond any scientific support". Ellis [12] p29 specifically criticizes the MUH, stating that an infinite ensemble of completely disconnected universes is "completely untestable, despite hopeful remarks sometimes made, see, e.

However, Jannes [13] argues that "mathematics is at least in part a human construction", on the basis that if it is an external reality, then it should be found in some other animals as well: "Tegmark argues that, if we want to give a complete description of reality, then we will need a language independent of us humans, understandable for non-human sentient entities, such as aliens and future supercomputers".

Brian Greene [14] p. Reality transcends our existence and so shouldn't, in any fundamental way, depend on ideas of our making. Several animals have also passed the mirror test of self-consciousness. He adds, "non-human intelligent beings should exist that understand the language of advanced mathematics. However, none of the non-human intelligent beings that we know of confirm the status of advanced mathematics as an objective language.

Surely there's something behind those clouds.

Well then, the universe consists of all the things we can see, plus all the similar things we can infer must also be there. But what are those other things? Objects getting in the way is just one problem.

There are also things that are very distant - so distant that light from them hasn't had time to reach us yet. How far away could these other objects be? That's a complicated question which has to do with the structure of space. Max has done a lot of work with the Cosmic Background Radiation, the light from the Big Bang, to see what it can tell us about that structure. It was fascinating to see him quickly sketching graphs on paper napkins, explaining how he'd analyzed the data and what the results told us.

One key finding, as I'd heard before, is that space turns out to be flat. That means it goes on forever, so there are infinitely many more galaxies over the horizon of visibility.

In that infinite expanse, every possible history has played out, including histories arbitrarily close to our own. It's sort of Nietzsche's Eternal Recurrence, but in space instead of time. At some unfathomable distance he makes a rough estimate , there are doppelgangers of Max and me, sitting in the same bar and having the same conversation.

My Quest for the Ultimate Nature of Reality

An extremely weird conclusion And this is only Level I. So why is the universe flat? I say, as I order another round. I've seen many explanations of inflation, but it's hard to decide how seriously I should take them. Max knows all the ins and out, and argues both sides of the case.

He collects some beer mats and arranges peanuts on them to demonstrate a simple argument, due to his buddy Alexander Vilenkin, that shows why inflation has to be "eternal". If it happened at all, it more or less had to generate an infinite number of Level I multiverses, all with different physical laws; that's Level II. But did it happen? I ask.

What's the evidence? Max scribbles down more pictures of the power spectrum from the CBR, and explains how they fit the inflation scenario while ruling out a bunch of other theories.

He really has that talent for showing you what the mathematics means in intuitive terms. I have to admit it: the case looks better than I'd realized.

Level III is the quantum multiverse: everything that can happen, does happen. With lucid language and clear examples, Tegmark provides us with the master measure of not only of our cosmos, but of all possible universes.

The universe may be lonely, but it is not alone.

Though he reflects soberly on the perils of nuclear war and of hostile artificial intelligence, Tegmark concludes with a bracingly upbeat call for scientifically minded activists who recognize a rare opportunity to make our special planet a force for cosmic progress. An exhilarating adventure for bold readers. Tegmark is a very smart physicist, not a hand-waving philosopher, so the going gets tough in parts. Why is our universe the way it is? Many Worlds or Many Words?

Part Three: And What Do You Perceive? Acknowledgments Suggestions for Further Reading Index. Read An Excerpt.

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Our Mathematical Universe

Add to Cart.Universe or Multiverse? Add to Cart. So I think it is logical nonsense to talk of Level 4 in the sense of the co-existence of all mathematical structures. Houtappel, R. Vilenkin, A. Ellis, G. Feferman, S.

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