Ten years after the first American Pie movie, three new hapless virgins discover the Bible hidden in the school library at East Great Falls High. American Pie Presents: Beta House (Video ) Matt Stifler wants to be just like his big bro, making porn movies and having a good time. American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is a American sex comedy film released by Universal Pictures. It is the fourth and final installment in American. Is a book that has shown much prominence in the American Pie franchise. tells him that in the library, in a hidden location, he can find the Book of Love, a self.

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Ashley is a Character who appeared on the DVD franchise of American Pie. She is a who is friends with Amy and Alyson, and is Lube's longtime love interest. With the help of Jim's Dad (Eugene Levy) and the legendary “Book of Love”, three friends embark on a American Pie 8-Movie Collection Mobile device. American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (sometimes known as American Pie and the Book of Love) is a teen comedy released directly to DVD.

American Reunion

Instead of keeping the plot focused on our heroes attempting to track down old East Great Falls alumni to re-record their lessons in the book of love this subplot consumes no more than minutes of the film , we're forced to endure a minute redo of the first film with less interesting characters and an even heavier emphasis on nudity and drinking a crazed, drunken hula party in the high school gym was just downright stupid.

The film even shoots for shocking moments that attempt to top previous films, but things get a little out of hand as we approach the third act i.

Stifler is attacked by a horny Moose — you can guess where that goes. What made the first film unique was how these characters were shaped.

The women in the first film were strong feminine archetypes. They didn't bow down and give up their virginity just because their boyfriends wanted them to. They wanted to make sure their significant others actually cared about them — loved them, even.

And this notion was the emotional core of the film — the lightning rod that made the film both fun and endearing all at the same time. Sure, it was a hoot watching Jim make sweet love to a pie, but at the end of the day, it was just as amusing watching him fall in love with Michelle, the band geek, in the second film.


While it's worth noting that director Putch and his cast do attempt to bring back some of the softer qualities of the franchise, it's too little too late.

All that's left of the American Pie franchise are the stale crumbs. The unrated version of the film consumes The rated version consumes Why seamless branching wasn't used is downright confusing. The movie has a grimy shot-on-video look, dampened by soft images, a slight hint of motion blur as well as flattened details and hazy textures.

That said, this encode handles the mediocre shoot with ease. I noted very little noise on the print just during a few darker sequences and almost no compression grain.

I did detect a slight hint of posterization, but that's fairly common with HD shoots. Shocked, Rob drops a lit candle, starting a fire and setting off the sprinklers.

The next day, while Rob and Heidi are cleaning the library, Rob finds 'The Bible', a legendary sex manual compiled by students over forty years, now damaged by the water.

Testing a tip from the book, 'Simple Flattery', Rob approaches Ashley in a lingerie store and compliments her, and she leads him into a changing room, disrobes, and makes him steal a bra for her; Rob is caught and forced to pay with his mother's credit card.

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At Dana's church service, Nathan accidentally broadcasts their highly personal conversation to the entire congregation over the PA system, and Dana's father bans her from seeing Nathan. At a school basketball game, Katie tries to talk to Stifler but he brushes her off, and Rob is again unable to tell Heidi how he feels.

Following a page in The Bible, Rob and his friends visit a Canadian brothel with a very experienced prostitute, Monique. The entry was written in , which Lube misreads as , and the friends are disgusted to meet the now-elderly Monique, but decide to partake of her services.

Monique dies while performing oral sex on Rob, and the panicked boys drive home. Rob finally tells Heidi he is attracted to her, and she reciprocates, agreeing to meet later at Stifler's party.

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There, Heidi is hurt to hear Rob shout "Tonight, I'm getting laid! Lube propositions Ashley but she turns him down.

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Her friend takes him up on his guarantee of sexual satisfaction, but storms out after finding an offensive text on his phone. Nathan tries to reconcile with Dana but offends her again. Rob finds Heidi in bed with Stifler, and begins drinking heavily.As a finale, Rob's brother, Cody, enters his bedroom to find an online film of him putting a vacuum cleaner on his penis.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Lube tells Ashley how he feels about her, giving a speech on how he guarantees sexual satisfaction, but she still turns him down.

Nathan and Lube make Rob go first, but Monique dies while performing oral sex on him. Chuck Hittinger and his friends, which ends with Stifler defecating in their beer cooler and destroying their jet skis.

At Dana's church service, Nathan accidentally broadcasts their highly personal conversation to the entire congregation over the PA system, and Dana's father bans her from seeing Nathan.

As this goes on, John is reunited with his estranged buddy, Justin Justin Isfeld and together they look on and chant their signature word 'MILF' over and over again.

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