Editors: Chawla, Rajesh, Todi, Subhash (Eds.) The book describes step-wise management of clinical emergencies seen every day in Intensive care units (ICUs. Targeted readers are intensivists, critical care specialists, and residents involved in the care of patients admitted in ICUs. ICU Protocols: A stepwise approach: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Editorial Reviews. Review. From the reviews: “This is a multiauthored set of summaries of download ICU Protocols: A stepwise approach: Read 1 Books Reviews -

Icu Protocol Book

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Dear All,. The ICU Protocol a stepwise approach book edited by Dr Rajesh Chawla and Dr SubhashTodi can be downloadd from ISCCM Mumbai head office or. The book describes step-wise management of clinical emergencies seen every day in Intensive care units (ICUs. As a practical guide. A Book for Residents, Fellows,Critical care practitioners and Allied health care professionals, with comprehensive and current stepwise algorithm for the.

Targeted readers are intensivists, critical care specialists, and residents involved in the care of patients admitted in ICUs. This handbook covers an array of specialities such as cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, traumatology, and toxicology. This monograph provides point-of-care treatment guidance and will serve as a ready-reckoner for physicians to quickly learn the management steps in a methodical manner.

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Medicine Anesthesiology. Free Preview. Step-by-step management of most commonly seen emergencies in intensive care units Point-of-care treatment guidance for critically ill patients Richly supplemented with algorithms, figures, and tables Annotation of key citations in the suggested reading chapters, one chapter devoted to each clinical emergency see more benefits.

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download Softcover. Rent the eBook. FAQ Policy. About this book The book describes step-wise management of clinical emergencies seen every day in Intensive care units ICUs.

Show all. From the reviews: These clinicians must have special training, experience, and compe tence in managing complex problems in their patients.

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In addition, they must interpret the data obtained by many kinds of monitoring devices, and they must integrate this information with their knowl edge of the pathophysiology of disease. This handbook was written for every practitioner engaged in criti cal care medicine. We have attempted to present basic and generally accepted clinical information and some important formulas as well as laboratory values and tables that we feel will be useful to the practi tioner of critical care medicine.

Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the ICU. Chapters 2 through 18 follow an outline format and are divided by organ system i. In addition, many of these chapters review some useful facts and formulas systematically. Finally, Chapters 19 and 20 supply lists of pharmacologic agents and dosages commonly used in the ICU and laboratory values relevant to the ICU.

Handbook of Critical Care: Edition 3. Jesse B. This book is a pocket-sized basic intensive care manual.

Antibiotic Guidelines in ICU

The handbook is divided into 15 chapters, eight substantial ones covering the major organ systems, as well as infection, nutrition, physical injury and toxicology, and brief chapters on scoring systems and obstetrics. Many of the sections are loaded with very clear pictures, comparative tables, diagrams and lists, and provide more than adequate information for juniors training in intensive care medicine.

The definitions, aetiology, clinical features and differential diagnoses are well covered. Excellent use is made of bullet points and numbering, which vastly increases the clarity of presentation compared with many other books that are pitched at a similar audience.

Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine Jean-Louis Vincent. The Yearbook compiles the most recent, widespread developments of experimental and clinical research and practice in one comprehensive reference book.

The chapters are written by well recognized experts in the field of intensive care and emergency medicine. It is addressed to everyone involved in internal medicine, anesthesia, surgery, pediatrics, intensive care and emergeny medicine. Similar ebooks.

Bedside Procedures in the ICU. Florian Falter. This handbook is a guide to best practice in interventions commonly encountered in the ICU. It is clinically orientated providing: The information is easily accessible providing practical advice and essential background for every member of the multi-disciplinary team caring for critically ill patients.

Table of Contents

It will serve the senior consultant who has not performed a procedure for some time as well as the junior doctor in need of an aide memoire. Quick Reference to Critical Care: Edition 5. Nancy Diepenbrock.

The fifth edition of this pocket-sized reference guide to procedures, treatments, and stabilization techniques for disorders, injuries, and patient situations commonly seen in the critical care setting.

It features extensive cross referencing to prevent discrepancy between terms.

ICU protocols : a stepwise approach

Critical Care Secrets E-Book: Close to new tables and figures including radiographs, CT scans, electrocardiograms and microscopic images have been added to provide visual references, which aid in comprehension of the text.

The editor is to be congratulated on enforcing the original aim to produce a book that is well organised, with topics that are easy to find for quick reference and exam review. The majority of chapters make good use of tables and figures.

Critical points and controversies are bold faced throughout the text. Most chapters include a so-called Final Word with an important take-home message.

Each chapter has an extensive and generally up-to-date reference list, subdivided into specific topics as an easy link to further readings, and with emphasis on evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. In general, the ICU book has good quality paper and binding. The large print and solid text unbroken by illustrations and brilliant simple figures with great message make the book pleasant to read.Acute graft closure. As a practical guide, clinicians can refer to it on.

download eBook. A variety of dysrhythmias can occur that are either atrial or ventricular in origin. Administration of coagulation factors must be addressed. Critical care medicine.

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