FADE IN: FULL SCREEN PHOTOGRAPH. Grainy but unmistakably a man and woman making love. Photograph shakes. SOUND of a man MOANING in anguish. This video looks at the screenplay for 's 'Chinatown,' examining why it's often cited as one of the greatest scripts ever written. "Jake" Gittes (Jack Nicholson) is hired by Evelyn Mulwray to investigate her husband's activities, he believes it's a routine infidelity case. Jake's investigation soon becomes anything but routine when he meets the real Mrs. Mulwray (Faye Dunaway) and realizes he was hired by an.

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1 FULL SCREEN PHOTOGRAPH grainy but unmistakably a man and woman making love. Photograph shakes. SOUND of a man MOANING in anguish. the website and on the title page of each script. CHINATOWN STEP SHEET. 1. . Chinatown days, suggests the strong possibility of foul play. Chinatown Shooting Script - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. chinatown script.

He looks to the girl -. He s s clearly concerned. He rises looks up to the roof. He slowly sits back down, staring at the tile fragment.

In the style of the Hearst yellow press, there is a heart-shaped drawing around one of the photos that Gittes had taken. Next to it is a smaller column, "J. Gittes Hired by suspicious spouse. In fact, almost all the customers are reading papers. You're practically a movie star.

Interspersed with above, someone is saying, "They're gonna start rationing water unless it rains. A car is stalled. The hood is up. A man watches his radiator boiling over.

He straightens up.

What do you do ends meet? Gittes laughs. Gittes gets out of the chair. Barney, a little concerned, tries to restrain him, holding onto the barber sheet around Gittes' neck. He a regular customer? People don't come to me unless they're miserable and I help 'em out of a bad situation. I don't kick them out of the y homes like you jerks who work in the bank. We'll go outside and talk this over Customer is hrinking back into the chair.

Sit down. Sit down -- you hear about the fella goes to his friend and says, 'What'll I do, I'm tired of screwing my wife? Duffy, Walsh Walsh comes out of his office, Duffy out of the other one. She gets up and leaves. So he says what do they do? They listen, unseen , by Gittes. GITTES continuing and then they stop and they read a little Confucius and they screw some more and they stop and they smoke some opium and then they go back and screw some more and they stop again and they contemplate the moon or something and it makes it more exciting.

So this other guy goed home to screw his wife and after a while he stops and gets up and goes into the other room only he reads Life Magazine and he goes batk and he screws some more and suddenly ,says excuse me a second and he gets up and smokes a cigarette and he goes back and by this time his wife is getting sore as hell.

MORE Gittes b re aks up Gittes hangs onto Sophie's desk laughing his ass off. The little Grey. Haired an winces. When Gittes looks up he sees the Young Woman, apparently in her late twenties. She's so stunning that Gittes nearly gasps. You see, I'm Mrs. Evelyn flulwray -- you know, Mr. Mulwray's wife' 59 Gittes is staggered. He glances down at the newspaper.

Not that Mulwray? And since you agree with me we've never met, you must also agree that I haven't hired you to do anything -certainly not spy on my husband. She's walked past him toward the door.

It's not going to do any good to get tough with me Evelyn flashes a cold smile. My lawyer does. Evelyn starts out the door and Gittes starts after her. This time he's stopped by the Gray-Haired Man who has also come out of his office and up behind him.

Gittes Gittes turns to be handed a thick sheaf of papers, a summons and complaint. Evelyn walks out the door. Gittes stares down at the papers 60 INT. Walsh chewing gum is the loude,st noise 4n the room. Walsh stops chewlng. Duffy puts out a cigarette in the dregs of one of the coffee cups. Between the time he makes this good faith call to his employer, Cross, and when they finally meet at Mulway's, Jake has learned the truth.

But when he makes the call, he actually believes Cross' version. What's the dramatic difference?

In the script, Jake calls Cross because he has completely misunderstood what's going on. That's a nice dramatic point.

It intensifies the irony that Jake has unwittingly done Cross's work for him. I think Polanski changed the position and meaning of the call because he wanted to maintain the suspense of the audience not knowing how Jake interprets the meaning of the glasses.

In the script, the phone call tells the audience that Jake thinks Evelyn did it. The film doesn't reveal his misunderstanding until he bursts in on Evelyn and calls the police. So Polanski trades the irony of Jake's call to Cross revealing what he thinks to the real killer, for the more intense dramatic irony of his ignorance in the scene with Evelyn.

Polanski was right. The most powerful scene in the film is Evelyn's revelation. That scene depends on Jake being righteously ignorant, angerly demanding the truth. If he had already told Cross what he thought was the truth, Jake would not have confronted her in this way. He would have manipulated Evelyn and the girl into going back to Mulwray's where they would meet Cross, his employer, as he suggested he would in the phone call in the script.

We all know that Polanski changed the ending of Chinatown, which dramatically altered the meaning of the story. What I want to do is examine in detail the specific changes he made and how they changed the meaning. First let me list the major differences: In the script, Katherine escapes with Curly. In film, Cross gets her. An unnamed cop fires one shot at Evelyn as she's trying to escape in Duffy's car. Escobar fires several shots, Jake stops him. Loach fires a couple and kills Evelyn.

In the script, after the shot, the car comes to slow halt. The film adds the blowing horn as the means of indicating death. At the car after seeing the dead Evelyn, Jake in the script has a significant amount of dialogue about the cop who shot her and about Cross. In the film, Jake only has one line: As little as possible. The film alters significantly the dramatic structure of events and the roles of the various characters.

Here's the script's sequence of events. Cross initiates the action by spotting Katherine. He yells at Gittes to stop. Gittes struggles with Mulvilhill and the car crashes into a lamp post.

Cross jumps out of the car and shouts at Katherine. Jake goes after Cross and struggles with Cross and then Mulvilhill.

They fall to the ground wrestling. Curly starts to come to Jake's aid, but Jake tells him to take off with Katherine. Jake knocks the gun out of Mulvihill's hand. They struggle for it. Evelyn picks up the gun and points it at her father. Cross and Evelyn talk and she threatens to shoot him.

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Jake is trying to take control of the situation, but Evelyn points the gun at her father. Cross and Evelyn argue about Katherine. She threatens to shoot him. Cross lunges at Evelyn, but Jake grabs him. Police sirens sound. Duffy and Walsh arrive. Jake tells Duffy to take care of Mulvihill. Escobar arrives. Evelyn points the gun at Escobar.

He tries to talk Evelyn into not leaving.

When he tries to stop her, Jake grabs him which allows Evelyn to drive off. Then Jake lets Escobar go.

Chinatown (1974)

Escobar doesn't pull a gun but tells Jake she won't get far. A sudden gun shot and the car comes to a halt. Jake rushes to the car by himself and opens the door and Evelyn falls out and Jake holds her.

Escobar and the others arrive. Jake's response is anger. He threatens to kill the cop who shot her. He struggles to go after the cop. Escobar says it was an accident. Jake then sees Cross on the ground, holding Evelyn and crying.

Jake in a rage yells at Escobar to get Cross away from her because he's "responsible for everything. Cross is her father.

10 Scripts to Read Before You Die

Jake has gone crazy. Escobar tells Duffy and Walsh to take Jake home. Throughout the film, we have seen Jake go from a loner who tries to do his job well staying away from human connection to someone who attempts to take a more protective role of Evelyn. By the end of the film when he is exposed to the real world and violence in the dark nature of life, "any change he thought had happened disappears…he loses on the literal level, with the antagonist succeeding and the good people losing, but he also loses on an emotional level.

Jack posits that this is a direct response to the film noirs of the s and 50s, where characters might lose on one level while often learning an important lesson in the process. One of the greatest strengths of this screenplay is that it never wastes a moment. As Jack says, "every scene, every interaction, and every line of dialogue Is going to serve multiple purposes. Almost every event helps to move the plot forward, and every interaction also serves a second purpose.

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Look at the shape.

Gittes brushes them aside. Evelyn nods. We'll go outside and talk this over Customer is hrinking back into the chair.

Marty is wheeling in another body with the help of an. In the film, Cross, Hollis' murderer, who is directly responsible for Evelyn's tragic death because he set her up as Hollis' killer, walks away with Kathrine and the future of Los Angeles. Gittes walks away mumbling.

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