Unduh sebagai PDF, TXT atau baca online dari Scribd. Tandai sebagai konten tidak pantas Buku bahasa Inggris When English Rings a Bell untuk Kelas VIII SMP/MTs ini bertujuan Young, L. dan Fitzgerald, B. The power of Buku Pegangan Siswa Ips Smp Kelas 8 Kurikulum Semester 1. Diunggah oleh. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate e English in Focus 2: for Grade VIII Junior High School (SMP/MTs)/ Buku teks pelajaran ini telah dinilai oleh Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan dan telah Adapted from: The World Book Student Discovery Encyclopedia, IPS KELAS 8. Buku teks pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk Sekolah Menengah Pertama Inggris untuk kelas VIII dengan acuan Standar Isi mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris Bahan ajar ini dirancang untuk pemakaian secara nasional dan oleh melakukan adaptasi seperlunya menyesuaikan KTSP masing-masing. Ips Kelas Viii.

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Who is chewing gum in the dialogue? Speech Act You can use these expressions to ask for items from someone. You can use these expressions to reject items from someone. You can use these expressions to ask for opinions.

You can use these expressions to give opinions. You can use these expressions to say that you disagree. Practice 4 Practise the following dialogue with your friend. Hi, Mentari. Where are you going anyway? Oh, hi Bara. Hey, maybe you can also borrow teenlit or chicklit there?

I see. According to me, the books are okay. The stories are based on the everyday facts in teenagers life. Then, we have different opinion about it, Bara. And I appreciate your opinion. Role play 5 Work with your partner. Make your own questions Practice using the phrases below. Then, ask each other. May I have , please? What do you think about? What is your feeling about? Can I have , please?

Then, answer the questions Practice 6 orally. What picture is it? Have you ever stayed in this kind of room? When I had a holiday in Malaysia last month, I stayed in a small but comfortable hotel. The room was very beautiful although it was not very big. The color of the wall was cream, so it felt warm inside.

The curtains were arranged beautifully. The furniture was nice too. The room has a sofa and a small TV set. Tell to the class about your own experience of Practice 8 staying at the hotel room and share it with your friends. Trip to Puncak Cost per student including transportation, food and lodging: Length of stay: Jasmine Chalet. Those who wish to go please submit your details and pay the fee to Mr. Practice 10 1. What is the purpose of the notice?

How much is a student charged for the trip? Where will the students stay? There is a new hotel in my city. The hotel is not very big but the architecture is very beautiful.

Reading In this section, you will learn how to: Do you know what a hotel is? Can you mention the names of famous hotels in your city? Introduction There is a new hotel in my city. It is a four star hotel. It is located downtown. It looks like a classic castle in Europe. According to the brochure, it has rooms, a fancy restaurant, complete sports facilities including a swimming pool, tennis court, gym and sauna, there are also a coffee shop and a karaoke room.

The pictures of the rooms in the brochure are Description very nice. The rooms look very comfortable. It they contain a big spring bed with big pillows, a nice sofa, a wardrobe and a television system with programmes from all over the world.

The bathroom is very beautiful although it is not very big. It has a bath-tub with hot and cold water so guests can bath in it comfortably.

The brochure says "Hospitality is our trademark. Find out the main idea of each paragraph from the Practice 3 text in Practice 2. Answer the following Practice 4 questions based on the text in Practice 2.

What makes the hotel different from other hotels? Mention some hotel facilities. Describe how the rooms of the hotel looks like. Describe how the bathroom looks like. What is the motto of the hotel? Decide whether these statements are true T or Practice 5 false F.

The hotel is old and dusty. The architecture resembles a building in America. There are only rooms in the hotel. According to the brochure, the rooms are small and comfortable. There are two beds in each room. Nusa Tenggara Nusa Tenggara is the name for the chain of islands which lies to the east of Bali. Including the islands of Komodo, Lombok, Flores and Timor, Nusa Tenggara spans a variety of landscapes, from tropical forests, high volcanic lakes and dry savannahs.

The largest islands are Lombok and Sumbawa, with hundreds of smaller islands between. East Nusa Tenggara has islands. The long northern arch of the island chain is the result of volcanic activity, whilst the southern islands are formed from coral deposits. Most of the eastern islands are arid, due to hot winds blowing from the continent of Australia and sparsely vegetated.

The Western half of Nusa Tenggara is moister and has denser vegetation. The Northern part of the chain is known for deep lakes contained in the craters of extinct volcanoes, the most famous of which are the coloured mineral lakes on Gunung Keli Mutu in Flores Taken from: Monday to Friday: Saturday and Sunday: Free Saturday and Sunday: Adults Rp5, Children under 12 Rp3, Rules for visitors 1.

Do not litter. Throw your food wrappings, sweets wrappings, cigarette butts etc. Do not swim in the lake. Picnics are allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays. The management will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal belongings. All visitors must leave the park at the scheduled time. Which rule reminds visitors to keep the park clean?

What days can we picnic there? Match the following famous places of interest with Practice 1 the countries where they are located. Match the following pictures with the names of the Practice 2 places of interest on the Practice 1.

If you want to get information about holiday places, check this web site: Make the description as interesting as possible and give it your teacher. You may suggest the class visit the place. Study the description about a famous place of Practice 3 interest. It is a huge carving that shows the faces of four famous American Presidents: Gutzon Borglum started the construction in and it was not completed until shortly after he died in Adapted from: It is a huge house where the president of the United States of America stays and works during his term.

Now, write down your own description about a Practice 5 famous site. Use the guiding questions to help you. What is the name of the site? Where is it located? Could you describe the features of the site? The view is very beautiful, but the air is so cold. Yogyakarta Indonesia Love Amy. Copy it into your exercise book.

A passport is a legal document for people to travel in and out of a country. The stamps will show every country that you have visited. What do you think of our school basket ball team, Fan? I think they play than the SMU 5 team. That's why we win the game. It is a four star hotel What will you say to ask to an opinion? What do you say to give on opinion about something?

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What will you say if you want to ask for an item from someone? What will you say if you want to give an item to someone? What will you say to reject an item from someone? What will you say if you agree with someone? What will you say if you disagree with someone? What will you say if you want to invite your friend to your house? What will you say if you want to praise somebody? Have you ever been congratulated by someone? Listen to the tape about the following dialogue.

Practice 2 At break time, Erwin is reading a book in class, then suddenly Dewi comes and greets him. Hi, Erwin. Happy birthday, Dewi. She is ill. When they are talking, Mira comes. Hi, what are you two talking about? Dewi is going to have a birthday party at her house this Sunday. Thank you, Mira. Check your answer in Practice 3 Practice 2 using the words or phrases in the box below. Listen again to the dialogue from the tape in Practice Practice 4 2.

Practice 5 Before listening to a text, answer the following questions. Do you feel any changes in your physical appearance? Do you like the changes? Do you have any acne on your face? How do you feel about the acne? My Adolescence New Horizon. Adolescence is a transitional stage of human development Source: Adolescent humans Only a short time after I 1 my 13th go through puberty, birthday, every thing was changing for me.

One the process of sexual day I 2 that my voice was becoming maturation. Teenagers deeper and sounding rough. The next few days, ages are usually adolescent, though in I was 3 to see hair growing on my face. Then some individuals, puberty I found out that my height was increasing 4. I may extend a few gears grew 10 centimetres in just two months. These changes beyond the teenage years, 5 me feel awkward and clumsy.

The most and in some individuals, puberty begins in the pre- annoying thing was that I 6 acne starting to teen years. I was 7 , what happened to Source: After you listen to the tape, work with your partner. Practice 7 Then, decide whether these statements are true or false. His physical appearance was still the same as before.

His voice was becoming deeper and sounding rough. He felt that hair begin to grow on his face. His height was increasing steadily. Follow-up Activity Make a photo clipping about you. Sort the photos based on the time they were taken, starting from your childhood photos until recent photos. You may need your parents permission.

Then give your answer by choosing a or b. After his birthday. After his 13th birthday. Became louder and rough.

Became deeper and rough. A few days after. The next day. Yes, he did. When his face got so oily. When an acne started to appear. Vowels 1. Then complete the missing phrases with the help of phrases from the box. Courses offered include: Courses are held a.

Rp, per course. Corel Draw Types of musical instrument d. Page Maker a. Guitar These courses are held once a week b. Piano for two months.

Each course costs c. Macromedia Flash violin discount. Courses offered: Fees charged Fees charged per course: Do you like going to parties? What kinds of party? What must we consider if we want to have a party? Do you have plans to have a party?

Role play Practice 2 Choose one of the dialogues. Act out the dialogue with your friends. Shinta, I am going to have a party tonight. Would you like to come? By the way, what are you celebrating? I won the Science Olympics last week. You just have to study harder. Will you come to my party? My parents are going to go to the hospital.

I may be late getting to your party, is that all right? Hmm, speaking about parents, I have to call my father to ask his permission.

Dialogue 2 Shinta is using her cell phone to call her father at her house. Hello, good afternoon, Dad! Mr Kusye: Afternoon, Shinta. Tomorrow is a holiday. Yes, certainly, but what time will the party be over? I think about 11 p. We are going to go to your grandparents the next morning.

All right, Dad. See you later. Answer the questions orally based on the dialogue Practice 3 in Practice 2. Who is going to have a party? Does Shinta accept the invitation to the party? How about Toni? Does he accept the invitation too? Is Toni going to come to the party? Why or why not? You can use these expressions to accept an invitation. You can use these expressions to decline an invitation. These expressions are used to congratulate someone.

Complete the dialogues below using the expressions Practice 4 of accepting and declining invitation. Do you want to come to my house? We can do our homework together. Come and have a drink at my house. You are invited by your new friend to watch a football match at the football stadium.

Your favourite team is going to play. Would you like to come and watch the football game with me? The Indonesian team is going to play against the All-Star team. A new orchestra is going to perform tonight. Your father asks you to accompany him and your mother, but you have a test tomorrow. Mr Roy: Son, a new orchestra is going to perform at the assembly hall tonight. Would you come to join me and your mother to the concert?

Your father is having dinner in the dining room. He asks you to come with him. Anjas, have you had your dinner yet? Come to join me? What kind of movie do you like?

Have you ever watched a movie at the cinema? Have you ever had a scary experience? Read the following text carefully. Make notes to Practice 6 some main sentences then try to retell it. After the movie was over, I left the cinema quickly. My watch showed I pedalled hard on my bicycle and was soon speeding home. My thought went back to the movie I had just seen. It was a scary story. I could remember clearly a woman screaming as she was being attacked by a monster.

Somehow that frightful scene stayed in my mind and I could not forget it. The road was dark and quiet. I had to pass a graveyard on the way home. As I approached the graveyard, I heard some sounds behind me.

I was frightened and began to cycle faster. The sound came nearer and nearer. Then I heard a familiar voice calling me. I looked back and saw Hadi, my classmate. He had also seen the movie and was frightened too.

He had cycled after me so that he would not be alone. Both of us laughed out loud over our behavior. What time did the writer watch the movie? What kind of movie did the writer watch? Why did the writer begin to cycle faster? Why did Hadi cycle after the writer?

Write a scary story based on your own experience. Practice 8 Then, retell it in front of the class. All teachers and students are invited to watch New the play. Parents will also be invited.

Horizon Date: School hall performance. Dramas are performed in various Students who are interested in taking part in this play media: Drama is often combined An audition will be held on November 9th to choose with music and dance.

The Princess 5. Eight soldiers 2. The Prince 6. The wise man 3. The Cruel Stepfather 7. The old lady 4. The unterH 8. Five illagers v. Students who are chosen must come for practice on the following dates at 2. First Practice: November 16th Second Practice: November 23th Third Practice: November 30th Fourth Practice: December 7th Last Practice: December 14th The play will be directed by Mrs Tari.

What is the name of the play? How many practices are there? Who will direct the play? If you auditioned, which character would interest you to be? Explain your reason! You can use WH- to build a question. What happened yesterday? Who saw an accident yesterday? When did Mayang see the accident? Mayang saw an accident. Whom did Mayang see in the accident? Mayang saw in the accident. Where did Mayang see Omy yesterday? Mayang saw Omy. What do you know about adolescence? From what age did you start to have adolescence?

What physical changes occur during adolescence? What was the most unforgetable experience during your adolescence? What did your parents do during your adolescence? Did they help you? What about your sister or your brother? Did they support you to get through your adolescence? Last night, I read an article about adolescence in a orientation magazine.

I learned that it was a time of change between childhood and adulthood. After I finished reading the article from the magazine, I remembered my own adolescence. I was fourteen at that time. I felt very emotional about event 1 everything. But I tried to learn more about myself. I tried to discover what I wanted to do, and what kind of people I wanted to be.

To divert my emotions, I took many extra curricular activities. I took piano lessons on Mondays. On Tuesdays, I joined an English course.

Then on event 2 Wednesdays and Thursdays, I had extra science and math lessons. Fridays, it was my time to play basketball with my friends. Finally, I spent most of my weekends with my family.

I was able to control my emotions and to have a reorientation place where I could express my creativity in positive ways. What is adolescence? Log On 3. Is adolescence a period of physical growth only?

How old was the writer when he experienced If you want to discuss adolescence? How did it make him feel? What did the writer do to divert his emotions? When did the writer spend the days with his www. Its goal is to entertaining or informing the reader. Last night, I read an article about adolescence in a magazine. I was able to control my emotions and to have a place where I could express my creativity in positive ways.

I, at home, last night, a magazine, I took Then identify Practice 4 its characteristic.

SMP Kelas 8 - Scaffolding English for Junior High School Students Grade VIII

Suddenly, my telephone was rung. It was my friend Fanny, she asked me to go out at She wanted to download something in traditional market. Finally, we were out. In the street, I saw a piece of pink coupon.

Interested with its colour, I took it, then Fanny and I read this out. We were fully shocked, it was a receipt of a four nights tour to Lombok!! The expired date was that day. To our surprised, the name was Fanny Fenita and the birth date was exactly the same like Fanny my friend, and it was also valid for two persons.

My God!! We were thinking that maybe the coupon just fell from the sky and it was there for us. We were in hurried to the address of the tour agency that issued the coupon. The tour agency took care of everything. We went home and still could not believe what was going on. Two days later we were on the Senggigi Beach, lied in the warmth sun. We also bought some presents for our family and friends.

Work in pairs. Identify the characteristics of the Practice 5 text in Practice 4. The following questions will guide you.


What is the name of the text? Can you tell who was involved, what happened, and what sequence in the text? Can you describe the events that happened in the text? What about the closure? Please explain. See if there any verbs that you have missed to record. Arrange the following paragraph into a correct Practice 7 order. My uncle and my aunt were very nice. The weather was hot all day long.

Unfortunately, Seno and I disagreed on most things. He played loud music when I wanted to sleep. They live in a small house in the centre of the city called Nagoya. School Library Rules and Regulation Student using the library must obey these rules: Students are not allowed to bring their school bags, textbooks or any other books into the library. Leave all bags with the librarian for safekeeping.

Do not talk in the library unless it is very important. If you need to talk, please whisper. After reading the books, newspaper and magazine, return them to their proper shelves. Each student is given two library cards when he or she becomes a library member.

These cards are to be used for borrowing books. Students are allowed to borrow one book with each card. Students are allowed to keep the book for no more than two weeks. If a student loses a library book, he or she will have to pay for the cost of the book. Keep the library always clean. Do not leave used paper and other rubbish behind. Practice 10 Answer these questions. Why do you think students are not allowed to bring their bags into the library? What does the word them in rule number 4 refer to?

Can students bring certain books into the library? What does the phrase not more than in rule number 7 mean? Match the words in column A with their meanings Practice 1 in column B. Fill in the blanks with the words in column A in Practice 2 Practice 1. Mind the tense. My parents gave me a to clean my room every day. She is an now. Therefore she has to learn to be a grown up. I joined a football club to my emotions during teenage time.

He is not a cheerful person. People consider him a person. He is very trustworthy. At school, I about knowledge and also how to socialize. When interacting with an older person, we have to watch our. Becoming a grown up means we have to learn how to more. It started with acne that showed up on my face. It was very annoying. It lowered my self-esteem and I was embarrassed to come out of my house and play events with friends.

Fortunately, my Mum gave me a good medicine. In three weeks, the acnes started to vanish although those showed some black spots in my face. That was my bad experience with adolescence, Reorientation though there were still lots of good experience too. Write a recount text, use the following questions Practice 4 to guide you.

What happened during your adolescence period? Did you have a memorable experience? Do you like the changes during adolescence? How do you cope with your adolescence period? If you have second chance, what will you do in your adolescence period? Search for the following words. They appear Practice 8 horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Bandung, May 3, Dear Diary, I had a bad experience this morning. I had just celebrated my 15th birthday yesterday. The party was very good. When I woke up this morning, I felt very happy about the party.

I got on with my usual morning activities and went to school. When I arrived at school and entered my classroom, everybody was looking at me. Suddenly, all of my friends were laughing. They were pointing at my face. I felt very embarrassed so I ran to the rest room. There was a mirror there. I was surprised to see a big red pimple on my forehead.

My classmates were laughing at me because I looked like an Indian actress. I had never had pimple before, so the whole day I had to cover my forehead with a head band. This is a diary in the form of recount. It is almost similar to a narrative text. But recount is usually shorter.

Now write your own diary excerpt about an event that you never forget. It could be a sad story, funny story, or an amazing experience.

Use these following questions to help you. When did the event happen? Describe the event from the beginning to the end: What consequences of the event did you feel after it happened? Suddenly I heard a noise behind some bushes WH-Questions Example: What will you say to invite your friend to come to your birthday party? What do you say if someone invites you and you want to accept the invitation? What do you say if someone invites you but you cannot accept the invitation?

What will you say if you want to congratulate someone? What will you say if you want to compliment someone? Choose either a, b, c, or d for the 2. How much a fully-grown octopus can correct answer.

Questions 1 to 8 weigh? Text 1 c. Octopus 3. How does the octopus hunt for food? The Octopus is a sea animal with a. It uses colours. It uses its teeth. These are called tentacles. The c.

It uses magic colour. It uses its tentacles. Before the octopus eats its victim it The octopus, the squid and the. Their bodies are b. Therefore the c. It looks like d. A fully-grown octopus can 5. How large a fully-grown octopus can be as large as 8,5 metres from the tip of be from the tip of one tentacle to the tip one tentacles to the tip of another.

It can of another? Besides using its tentacles to catch b. The octopus wraps its tentacles around the victim and squeezes it before 6. The octopus escapes from its enemies a. Darkw ater.

Eight feet. It can also change the colour 7. The word them in paragraph 3 refers to of its body to match its surroundings. What does the octopus do to escape from its enemy? Which group of sea creatures belongs a. It runs. It swims. It stings the enemies. Mira a book. The birds into the sky.

What are botanical gardens? They are a. I a mango tree in my yard. What are botanical gardens used for? She at me. All the answers are correct, except a. The cat all the plates on the c. What are most of the plants labelled with?

All the answers are correct, Andi does not to sing. They are Japanese. They speak c. What is a bench? What is a greenhouse? I went to a botanical garden. It was a. People could stroll down The delicate plants are cultivated. Most delicate of the plants were labelled with their a.

In greenhouses, long, low buildings In Europe. One of the greatest botanical gardens b. In England. In West Europe. Garden at Kew, England. It is commonly d.

Kelas08 English in Focus Artono Masduki Sukirman

In East Europe. One of the largest Wnrk In grnups nf thrcc and dcscrIbc thcIr physIca! PIcturcs Iicluie 2. LavIgnc Iicluie 2. He has sliaighl lIack haii. Has an ovaI face. Wnrd Antnnym 1. Thcn, wrItc thc rcsu! Rcpnrt tn thc c! Wnrk In grnups nf thrcc. He and his IillIe sislei vouId Iike lo nake a gieeling caid. You vouId Iike lo nake hei a gieeling caid. Task 16 Task 15 To: Mom S Dad Ccngra u a icns cn qcur 15 n ucdding annitcrsarq.

You vouId Iike lo congialuIale hin ly viiling a gieeling caid.

C, Homework Task 17 To: Ida wnn twn frcc tIckcts tn scc GIta Guttawa's! Ivc pcrfnrmancc In hcr tnwn. RcwrItc thc tcxts In ynur nwn wnrds and prcscnt thcm tn thc c! Thcn, dcscrIbc thcIr physIca!

Movie lilIe: AcluaIIy, lhis is ny sislei's skiil. Anyvay, LaiIa's sislei: No, acluaIIy ve aie going lo see Cila Cullava's peifoinance. Ida von lvo fiee lickels and she gave one lo ne. Have fun! WrItc a shnrt paragraph abnut ynur Idn!. Hnw much dn ynu! Hnw tn cxprcss cnngratu! Imcnts and rcspnnscs tn cnngratu! Imcnts, fnr cxamp! Hnw tn dcscrIbc pcnp! ImcntIng RcspnndIng tn cnngratu! Imcnts CongialuIalions! Whal a! Prcscnt 5Imp! DcscrIptIvc tcxts leaided ['bi: A desciiplive lexl focuses on lhe chaiacleiislic fealuies of a pailicuIai lhing, e.

Tnwcr is lhe laIIesl sliucluie in Iaiis. Il is n high. Il veighs 7,3OO lons. The Opeia House coveis 1. Il is n Iong and aloul 12O n vide. Kuta Bcach is Iocaled in aIi. Il is veiy fanous in lhe voiId. Il is lecause lhe sunsel is veiy vondeifuI. Prambanan Tcmp! They veie luiIl in lhe nid-9lh cenluiy duiing lhe SyaiIendia Dynasly. Iicluie 3. Thcn, fI!! Bnrnbudur Tcmp! Il is one of lhe nosl inleiesling louiisl 2. Il vas luiIl in lhe ninlh The ieIiefs iIIusliale lhe 5. Once a yeai uddhisls in Indonesia 6.

Vesak lheie. Theie aie lhiee IeveIs in uddhisl cosnoIogy. LIstcn carcfu!! Indonesia has so nany leaulifuI pIaces. They couId alliacl nany foieign louiisls. The goveinnenl shouId pay noie 3. Ils lheii duly lo do lhal. Kelul Tanlii: WeII, ils nol onIy lhe goveinnenls duly. Ils aIso oui 5. Thcn, pay attcntInn tn thc cxp! This is a fanlaslic sighl. Il's vondeifuI. I don'l lhink so. I lhink cages aie onIy foi viId aninaIs. The goveinnenl shnu! We oflen use shnu! You shnu! Heie lhey aie.

Heie aie sone olhei expiessions you nay use. Exprcss whcthcr ynu agrcc nr dIsagrcc wIth thcsc statcmcnts. I lhink pulIic luses shouId opeiale 24 houis a day. Agieeing I donl lhink so. Thal's a good idea.

Agieeing I don'l agiee. I disagiee. Thal's nol a good idea.

AdI and hIs c! I have no idea. I vanl lo feeI lhe fiesh aii. I have an idea. My uncIe Iives in ogoi. I'd Iove lo. Thal vouId le gieal. I'd Iove lo, lul ny faniIy and I aie going lo visil oui giandpaienls in anjainasin. Thal's okay. Pay attcntInn tn thc fn!! In lhe conveisalion in Task 9 you find expiessions vilh diffeienl funclions.

Accepling an invilalion I'd Iove lo, lul. Wnrk In paIrs and havc a dIa! Inviling soneone I vouId. Accepling an invilalion Thank you veiy nuch foi inviling ne, lul. I'n soiiy, I can'l. DecIining an invilalion In lhe conveisalion in Task 9 you find lhe void gieal. Il lecones an AusliaIian icon. Il vas eslalIished in The Sydney Opeia House coveis 1. Theie aie five lhealies in Sydney Opeia House.

Theie aie aIso five ieheaisaI sludios, lvo nain haIIs, foui ieslauianls, six lais, and nany souvenii shops. The design of lhe Opeia House is veiy unique. The ioof Iooks Iike gianl sheIIs. Il is used foi veddings, pailies, and confeiences. As il is expIained in UNIT5 1 and 2, a desciiplive lexl focuses on lhe chaiacleiislic fealuies of a pailicuIai lhing, e. Tnc Sqdncq Opcra Hcusc cctcrs 1. Tnc dcsign cf nc Opcra Hcusc is tcrq uniquc use of siniIes, nelaphois and olhei lypes of figuialive Ianguage, pailicuIaiIy in Iileiaiy desciiplions, e.

Ynu may npcn ynur dIctInnary If ncccssary. Wnrds McanIngs 1. Prnnnuncc thc fn!! Wnrds 5ynnnyms 1. Iaige 4. Il has 2. The 3. The houses aie noslIy in vhile and lIue. Manna cily is aIso knovn foi ils sliange fIovei, RaffIesia. Il is lhe liggesl fIovei in lhe voiId. Ils 4. Bascd nn thc rcsu! Ask ynur c! Ist ynur fIndIngs. Tonoiiov ve viII have a Malh exan. Oh ny Cod! Okay, I lhink ve shouId sludy haid. Thcn answcr thc qucstInns. C, Homework Task 20 I lhink il's nol a good idea. Il is silualed neai Lisse, NelheiIands.

Il is lhe voiId's Iaigesl fIovei gaiden. Keukenhof is noie lhan 15O yeais oId. Ils fiisl giounds veie founded aiound O. Theie aie so nany kinds of leaulifuI fIoveis.

Keukenhof is open fion lhe Iasl veek of Maich lo nid-May. The lesl line lo viev lhe luIips is aiound nid-ApiiI. Hovevei, il depends on lhe vealhei. You vouId Iike lo invile Andi, a nenlei of lhe connillee, lo join lhe neeling foi lhe piepaialion of lhe sludy loui.

You vouId Iike lo hoId a liilhday paily al youi house. You vanl lo invile one of youi cIassnales lo cone. Decide lhe day, line, and pIace of lhe paily.

Task 22 To: Andi Cone and join lhe neeling on lhe piepaialion foi lhe sludy loui lo Lonlok. SchooI Liliaiy We do appieciale youi pailicipalion. The Connillee To: Havc a dIa! Exprcss ynur agrccmcnt and dIsagrccmcnt wIth ynur schnn! Hnw tn agrcc nr dIsagrcc wIth snmcthIng, fnr cxamp!

Hnw tn InvItc snmcnnc, acccpt, and dcc! Inc an InvItatInn, fnr cxamp! I don'l agiee. I vouId. I'd Iove lo, lul. Thank you veiy nuch foi inviling ne, lul. ScoffoIding ng isn for Gradc V S udcn s 59 4. DcscrIptIvc tcxts accepl [ck'scptj: Ianlang, sinloI iIIusliale ['iIcstrcitj: Ialihan ieIief [ri'Ii: AdI and PutrI arc ta! Iday In Ba! Iulii venl lo DiIi Iasl yeai.

Iulii venl lo aIi Iasl nonlh. Adi's hoIiday vas loiing. Adi's hoIiday vas fun. Adi's hoIiday vas scaiy. Kula each vas Adi's fiisl deslinalion. Kula each vas Adi's second deslinalion. Kula each vas Adi's Iasl deslinalion.

Adi lhinks lhal Kula each is diily. Adi lhinks lhal Kula each is leaulifuI. Adi lhinks lhal Kula each is ciovded. We can see vondeifuI sunsel al Kula each. We can see leaulifuI suniise al Kula each. We can see vondeifuI sand al Kula each. In ny opinion, lhey aie veiy iiiesponsilIe.

I lhink. LIstcn tn thc fn!! WrItc thcm In thc tab! I pIan lo go lo Yogyakaila. Yes, I did. Of couise. They veie lhe nain deslinalions vhen I fiisl venl lo Yogyakaila. I lhink il is a unique pIace. Il is a viIIage vheie nosl of ils peopIe pioduce polleiies and olhei ail voiks. Thal sounds inleiesling. Yes, il is.

Like Kasongan, nany of ils peopIe pioduce ail voiks. Hovevei, lhey pioduce siIvei ciafls. You vonl le disappoinled if you visil lhose pIaces. Sone peopIe oflen lhiov iullish inlo lhe iivei.

I lhink lhey aie veiy caieIess. Sone peopIe luin lhe foiesl lo luiId houses. Sone peopIe vash lheii cIolhes in lhe iivei. Sone peopIe pick fIoveis fion lhe pulIic gaiden.

IeopIe sland in Iine lo luy lickels. On lhe fiisl day, oui cousin 2. The vaves lheie 3. Aflei lhal, ve venl on a snaII loal lo see a seaveed faining piojecl.

WeII, finaIIy, ve 5. Thal vas one of oui 6. Tn makc It casIcr, usc thc fn!! Task 9 In lhe nonoIogue in Task 6 you find lhe voids vave and cane. My Hn! Iday Lasl veek I venl lo Mounl iono. The sceneiy vas veiy leaulifuI. We iode on hoiselack. Il vas scaiy, lul il vas fun. Then, ve venl lo gel a cIosei Iook al lhe nounlain.

We look picluies of lhe leaulifuI sceneiy lheie. Aflei lhal, ve look a iesl and had Iunch undei a lig liee. We venl hone in lhe afleinoon. I hope ny nexl hoIiday viII le noie inleiesling. The lexl alove is a iecounl lexl. Il leIIs 'vhal happened. The puipose of lhe lexl is lo docunenl a seiies of evenls and evaIuale lheii significance in sone vay.

Il focuses on a sequence of evenls, aII of vhich ieIale lo lhe occasion. Il aIso has expiessions of allilude and feeIing, usuaIIy nade ly lhe viilei aloul lhe evenls. The lexl iecounl is oiganized lo incIude: Iiedy ucn lo Sanaiinda Iasl yeai. Kelul Tanlii. Lasl hoIiday, LaiIa. Tvo days ago, LIizalelh. Task 11 5Imp! Heie is lhe pallein. I wcnt lo lhe zoo yesleiday. Changc thc fnrms If ncccssary.

Lasl monlh, I 1 lo andung. I vas so hay because il vas my firsl lime lo visil lhe Iace. There are many inleresling Iaces lo visil. First, I 2. Tangkuban Ierahu. The Iace is usl vonderfuI. AItcr that, I venl lo Dago Slreel. Thcn, I venl lo Cibaduyul. I boughl many lhings Iike shoes, doIIs, and some souvenirs. I aIso did nol forgel lo download euyeum andung is 4. Anyvay, I viII vrile lo you again nexl lime. Wrile lo me as soon as you can. Put thc cnnncctIng wnrds nr phrascs In thc tcxt bc!

Task 13 Task 14 Task 15 CnnncctIng wnrds In lhe Iellei fion Kelul Tanlii in Task 12, you find voids and phiases used lo slail, connecl a senlence vilh lhe nexl one, and end an expIanalion. Those voids and phiases aie: We slayed in oui uncIe's house. We venl lheie ly lus. We Iefl fion Yogyakaila on Iiiday. Aflei having dinnei, ve conlinued oui liaveI. We aiiived al Lelak uIus leininaI.

Iion lhe leininaI, ve look lhe lus no. Il vas a Iong liip, lul ve enjoyed il. Ing abnut ynur hn! Usc thc cnnncctIng wnrds. Dn thIs crnsswnrd puzz! Hi, Sanusi. Unn, aIlhough il vas liiing, Of couise I did. Thal vas lhe fiisl lhing I vanled lo see. I lhink il vas anazing. Il vas lhe fiisl ciicus I evei valched.

I see. Rcad thc tcxt and answcr thc qucstInns. When ve had a hoIiday Iasl yeai, ve venl lo a pIace al lhe seaside and loiioved a loal fion one of oui fiiends. Then ve saiIed and fished on lhe sea aII day. We aIso had iaces againsl olhei loals. When lhe sea vas iough, ve saiIed on a snaII Iake neai lhe sea inslead. We veie veiy caiefuI on lhis Iake lecause lheie veie a Iol of shaip iocks lheie, and lhe valei vas shaIIov.

We did nol vanl lo danage oui fiiends loal. Theie veie nol nany fish in lhe Iake, lul in lhe sea ve caughl a Iol vilh a hook, Iine and snaII pieces of liead. The fish veie nol veiy lig, lul lhey lasled veiy good. When lhe vealhei vas fine, ve saiIed lo lhe Iand al Iunch line, coIIecled pieces of diy vood and fiied oi giiIIed oui fish ovei lhen on lhe leach.

Theie is an isIand aloul a niIe fion oui fiiends house, and ve saiIed lo il. The valei vas veiy cIean lheie, and lheie vas a leaulifuI leach vilh vhile sand and no iocks. We lalhed lheie. Il vas a Iol of fun. Thcn, rcwrItc thcm In ynur nwn wnrds. Chnnsc nnc nf thc fn!! JOkE 1 st Mun: Thut's umuzing, 1 st Mun: Hnw tn ask fnr and gIvc npInInns, fnr cxamp! Rccnunt tcxt 3. CnnncctIng wnrds A iecounl lexl leIIs 'vhal happened. To expiess sonelhing lhal happened in lhe pasl.

Connecling voids aie voids and phiases used lo slail, connecl a senlence vilh lhe nexl one, and end an expIanalion, foi exanpIes: Frcdy and E! Izabcth arc ta! Izabcth's hn! Iday and hcr fIrst cxpcrIcncc tn rIdc nn a hnrsc. LIizalelh venl lo Iangandaian Iasl veek. LIizalelh's hoIiday vas scaiy. LIizalelh had hei fiisl hoise iiding al TeIaga Saiangan. LIstcn nncc agaIn tn thc dIa! Izabcth In Task 2. That's nnt truc. In lhe diaIogues you find lhe foIIoving expiessions: Denying facls Yes, al fiisl, il vas scaiy, lul lhen il vas ieaIIy fun.

Adnilling facls Task 4 In lhe diaIogue in Task 2 you find lhe void enjoy. Here are some olher examIes. In paIrs,! Cnmparc thc cxprcssInns ynu IdcntIfy wIth a c! I'n afiaid lhal's viong. Il is nol liue. Denying facls Yes, lhal's iighl. Yes, lhal's liue. Thal's il. Thcn, cnmp! In paIrs, study and practIsc thc fn!! I have nevei leen 2. Al lhe slalion I 5. Then I 6. When I 7. Il vouId nol open. Theie vas no pIalfoin. So I A fasl liain I vas so Aflei I He I'm afraid lhal's vrong.

Andi is sick. You Iook neivous. Nc, i isn' , ac ua q. Il is ny second line. I heaid you gol an accidenl vhen you veie in Suialaya. Hovevei, il vas jusl a snaII accidenl. I loughl sone lalik cIolhes lheie. I visiled ny aunl. Youi skin Iooks daikei.

Il seens lhal youve leen sunlalhing duiing lhe hoIiday. I visiled ny uncIes house. Il is neai lhe leach. My Dad loughl ne lhis l-shiil vhen he visiled aIi Iasl veek. Youi CIassnale: I heaid you venl lo Singapoie Iasl veek. I visiled ny uncIe lheie. Put a tIck nn thc cnrrcct statcmcnt. He aIso loId ne lhal lhe sceneiy lheie is leaulifuI. I vas exciled lecause I had nevei gone fishing lefoie. Theiefoie, he laughl ne hov lo do il veiy veII.

We Iefl al 9 a. When ve gol lo lhe iivei, lheie veie aIieady sone peopIe. They veie aIso fishing. Then, ve Iooked foi a convenienl pIace undei a liee. We pul oui fishing equipnenl and oui Iunch lox on lhe nal ve lioughl. Aflei lhal, ny uncIe laughl ne hov lo calch fish. He did il veiy palienlIy. I did nol ieaIise lhal lhe giass vas sIippeiy. My uncIe puIIed ne oul quickIy. He heIped ne ieach lhe giound. Il vas enlaiiassing! The viilei venl fishing lvo veeks ago. The viilei venl fishing lhiee veeks ago.

Il vas lhe viileis lhiid fishing expeiience. Il vas lhe viileis second fishing expeiience. Il vas lhe viileis fiisl fishing expeiience. The viilei laughl his uncIe hov lo fish. The viilei vas laughl hov lo fish ly his uncIe.

The viilei and his uncIe laughl peopIe hov lo fish. They venl fishing in lhe evening. They venl fishing in lhe afleinoon. They venl fishing in lhe noining. The viilei feII inlo lhe iivei. The viileis uncIe feII inlo lhe iivei. The viilei heIped soneone vho feII inlo lhe iivei. The viilei feIl exciled aflei he feII inlo lhe iivei. The viilei feIl ashaned aflei he feII inlo lhe iivei. The viilei feIl pioud aflei he feII inlo lhe iivei. In lhe lexl in Task 10 you find lhe voids equipnenl, nud, and sceneiy.

Those voids aie uncounlalIe nouns. UncounlalIe nouns aie lhings ve cannol counl. They have no pIuiaI. You cannol say equipnenls, nuds, and sceneiies. Heie aie sone olhei exanpIes of uncounlalIe nouns. They have pIuiaI. In lhe lexl you find lhe voids house, liee and lox. They aie counlalIe. The pIuiaI of house is houses. The pIuiaI of liee is liees. The pIuiaI of lox is loxes. I piefeiied pIaying ganes on lhe conpulei. I nevei liaveIIed alioad on lhe pIane unliI Al lhal line, I vas 21 yeais oId.

My fiisl liip vas a 4-day liip lo Taipei. AII pioceduies veie so nev lo ne. I ienenleied I vas so exciled vhen lhe pIane look off. I ieaIIy enjoyed ny liip al lhal line. Aflei lhal liip, I Iike liaveIIing. Opcn ynur dIctInnary. FInd thc synnnyms and antnnyms nf thc fn!! Wnrds 5ynnnyms Antnnyms 1. Iike 4. Thcn, tc!! Al fiisl, ve veie veiy This vas lecause il vas oui fiisl line lo join such an audilion.

When ve 6. Aflei ve exanined noie caiefuIIy, ve 7. Then, ve 8. The connillee 9. MeanvhiIe, ny fiiend and I 1O. We veie veiy despeiale lecause ve Aflei lhal, ve venl hone sadIy. AdI and Ascp arc ta! Ish 5pccch Cnntcst. Hi, Asep. Iine, lhanks. CongialuIalions lhen. Il's ny second line lo vin lhe speech conlesl. C, Homework Thank you foi saying so. You aie so ienaikalIe. Yes, lhal's iighl.

No, il isn'l. Il vas lhe fiisl line he venl lo a docloi ly hinseIf. Yesleiday he ale loo nany gieen appIes, so lhis noining he had a slonachache. When he cane lo lieakfasl he vas ciying. You ale loo nany appIes yesleiday, and lhey vheie gieen, she said. You knov his house.

In soiiy, I canl, ny deai. I have a neeling lhis noining. You donl have lo. You jusl go lheie and eveiylhing viII le fine. Yes, Molhei. III go in lhe lus. The docloi sniIed loo. You shouId nol eal loo nany gieen appIes, said lhe docloi. Then, he viole on a piece of papei and said, Take lhis lo a chenisl, and he viII give you sone nedicine. IinaIIy, his slonachache vas soon lellei. Hnw tn dcny and admIt facts, fnr cxamp! No, il isn'l, acluaIIy. Il is nol coiiecl. CounlalIe nouns aie lhings ve can counl.

A iecounl lexl is a lexl vhich leIIs 'vhal happened. Iuai negeii alsoIuleIy ['bscIu: I 'oIj i: Istcn tn shnrt cnnvcrsatInns bctwccn twn pcnp! Chnnsc thc bcst answcr tn cach qucstInn. He agiees lo heIp lhe vonan. He iefuses lo heIp lhe vonan. He cannol nove lhe cuploaid. He vanls lhe vonan lo heIp hin. She congialuIales lhe nan.

She conpIinenls lhe nan. She does nol Iike lhe nan's nev haii cul. She vanls lo have a nev haii cul. I agiee vilh you.

Thal's nol liue. She agiees vilh lhe nan's opinion. She disagiees vilh lhe nan's opinion. She lhinks lhal aII aninaIs shouId have cages. He viII ask lhe vonan lo cone lo his liilhday paily. He viII have a liilhday paily. He viII go lo lhe paily. He viII nol go lo lhe paily. She lhinks lhal lheii nev leachei is veiy aclive. She lhinks lhal lheii nev leachei is veiy alliaclive.

She lhinks lhal lheii nev leachei needs lo laIk nuch. She lhinks lhal lheii nev leachei laIks loo nuch. He did nol luy a nev cai. He loughl a nev ied cai. He did nol Iike a ied cai. He soId his oId cai. Il occupies a heclaie Iocalion. The nane laionga is an AloiiginaI nane. Il neans valei viev. Il has kangaioos, vaIIalies, and koaIas. Those aninaIs can le seen fion a cIose dislance. They aie kepl in lhe enviionnenl lhal is Iike lheii naluiaI halilal. Taionga is usuaIIy used as a sile foi scienlific ieseaich, conseivalion, and educalion.

Il aIso offeis a iange of educalionaI and speciaI inleiesl louis. Micrcscf ncar a Il is Iocaled in Sydney, AusliaIia. Il is Iocaled in Nev ZeaIand. Il is Iocaled in Nev Yoik. Il is Iocaled in lhe AloiiginaI sile. ScoffoIding ng isn for Gradc V S udcn s 99 9.

In lhe TiopicaI Ioiesl. In lhe soulh of lhe zoo. In lhe NocluinaI House. In Nev ZeaIand. Taionga Zoo is lhe onIy zoo in AusliaIia.

The aninaIs in Taionga Zoo cannol le seen in a cIose dislance. The nane laionga is aloiiginaI foi valei viev. Tcxt 2 My Hn! Iday In F! As a iesuIl, I aIso enjoyed lhe leauly of lhe isIand. Aflei visiling seveiaI schooIs in lhe cily, ve look an anazing jouiney ovei lhe nounlains lo lhe soulh coasl. We visiled a nev junioi high schooI lheie.

My nexl liip vas lo Delusoko. Il is a nounlain viIIage. I venl lheie vilh Cinny Ldvaids. Delusoko is nol fai fion Mounl KeIinulu. We voke up al 4 an lo see lhe lhiee diffeienl coIouied Iakes al davn.

Il vas liuIy inspiiing. My finaI liip vas lo ajava. Il is a snaII lovn high in lhe nounlains. Il vas a veiy coId pIace. Yel ny liip vas fun and nenoialIe. I vouId Iike lo go lack lo IIoies one day. Mounl KeIinulu. The viilei visiled sone schooIs in Mauneie. Aflei visiling Mauneie, lhe viilei venl lo Lnde. Aflei visiling Lnde, lhe viilei venl lo lhe nounlain viIIage. QucstInns arc NOT bascd nn thc tcxts. Ils ied and lIue.What is your feeling about? It means Joko is Daeng.

He drinkstoo much soft drinks. While you are singing, point to the parts of the plant in the picture. Namun, untuk penggandaan yang bersifat komersial harga penjualannya harus memenuhi ketentuan yang ditetapkan oleh Pemerintah. Make your own questions Practice using the phrases below. Max is saying that his teacher has more books than him, and he has fewer books than his teacher. Namun, untuk penggandaan yang bersifat komersial harga penjualannya harus memenuhi ketentuan yang ditetapkan oleh Pemerintah.

To get her students attention in picture 3, she says, Everybody, 4. Iion lhe leininaI, ve look lhe lus no.

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